The upcoming episode of the TV show "Serial Bhagya Lakshmi" on February 22 will be very twisty. There's a big truth coming out!

In the upcoming story, we will see the real truth about Anushka coming out soon for everyone to know.

We'll also find out about the connection between Anushka and Malishka in the future story.

In the next part of the story, we'll see Anushka coming to Oberoi House to seek revenge on her sister Malishka.

Yes, Anushka is not someone else but Malishka's sister who has come to support her sister in Oberoi House.

Meanwhile, a fake marriage of Ayush and Anushka has been shown to everyone, but Ayush still loves Shalu.

Anushka has come to Oberoi House to ruin Rishi and his family.

Anushka will further distance Rishi and Lakshmi from each other to take revenge on her sister Malishka.

In the next part of the story, it will be very interesting to see what plans Anushka and Malishka will make against the Oberoi family together.

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