Bhagya Lakshmi 25 February 2024 Written Update Today.

In the upcoming episode of the serial "Bhagya Lakshmi" on February 25th, Rishi will finally see Lakshmi.

In the coming story, we will see Lakshmi traveling on a bus with her daughter.

When the bus stops, Rishi's car will come from the front, and Rishi will see Lakshmi's face on the bus.

Now Rishi will be sure that Lakshmi is on the bus.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi will also see that Rishi has seen her on the bus.

After that, Rishi will make every effort to stop the bus, and he will stop the bus.

When Rishi gets on the bus, Lakshmi will see him and will exit from the back door of the bus.

Lakshmi thinks that Rishi never tried to find her in the past 7 years, so why meet now?

But now that Rishi realizes that his Lakshmi is alive, he will make every effort to find her.

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