Bhagya Lakshmi 27 february 2024 Written Update.

There is a big twist in the upcoming episode, as Lakshmi has now reached Oberoi Mansion.

Lakshmi goes to Oberoi Mansion to retrieve Rohan's bag, unaware that the house she is visiting belongs to Rishi Oberoi. 

Upon her arrival, the guard directs Lakshmi inside, where she confronts Rishi's grandmother.

When Lakshmi stands before Rishi's grandmother, the latter is shocked, believing Lakshmi to be dead.

After this, grandmother tells Lakshmi that now she will have to stay in this house, after which Lakshmi refuses to stay there.

However, Lakshmi persuades her grandmother to promise not to disclose the fact that Lakshmi is alive, and Paro is none other than Rishi's daughter.

After this, grandmother will also tell Lakshmi that she will not say anything to anyone but now she will have to return home, but Lakshmi will say that now she will never come to this house.

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