In today's episode we will see that Munisha tells RV KO that you call Purvi here and show her how happy we both are here.

Munisha wants to show Purvi that RV and she i.e. Munisha are very happy with each other.

But RV is very sad and sad because he has feelings for Purvi and he loves her.

But now Purvi has decided not to go near RV no matter what.

In the upcoming story, Khushi is going to tell some such things to Purvi, after which big twists are going to come in the show.

Now Munisha will take a promise from RV that he will never leave her and go to Purvi.

Munisha will now try her best to get close to RV and make it hers.

On the other hand, RV is going to face a big blow to its business when one of its big deals gets cancelled.

So now it will be interesting to see in the upcoming story that when and how RV and Purvi will reunite.