Kumkum Bhagya 25 February 2024 Written Update Today.

Serial Bhagya Lakshmi starts with 25th February episode, where Monisha tells Rajvansh that now she wants to marry him as soon as possible.

After this, RV's grandfather comes to his room, and asks him to bring Purvi home as soon as possible.

RV's grandfather tells him that some of his friends want to meet Purvi, so he has to bring Purvi home by tomorrow afternoon.

On the other hand, Dia asks Purvi about the fight with RV, to which Purvi says that she does not want to spoil her mood by talking about RV.

Purvi tells Diya that Diya's in-laws are coming to see her tomorrow, so she wants to focus on that.

Then, alone, Purvi remembers RV, and RV also remembers Purvi, but Purvi is very angry with RV.

Because of his grandfather's words, RV goes to Purvi's house, where Diya's prospective in-laws have come to see her, but RV feels like Purvi is getting engaged.

RV gets very angry at Purvi, and feels that she has started forming a new relationship the very next day after the end of her marriage.

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