Rajveer wants to team up with Anshuman against Karan Luthra to ruin his business, and Anshuman agrees.

Now a big twist is going to come in the upcoming episode of serial Kundali Bhagya on 22nd February, which everyone will be shocked to see.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Karan is once again going to save Preeta from Nidhi's trap.

In the future story, we will see that Rajveer sees Karan and Nidhi hugging, after which he feels very bad.

Now Rajveer's hatred towards Karan will increase even more.

Rajveer is now going to make such a business deal, due to which Karan's business is going to get a big blow.

Now Rajveer is going to be in trouble, and now Preeta and Karan are going to come together to save him.

In the future story, Rajveer is going to get drunk and is going to plan to ruin Karan.

Rajveer meets Karan in this inebriated state, after which he takes care of her and takes her home.

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