In the 23rd February episode of serial Kundali Bhagya, we will see that Rajveer is now going to take a big step to ruin Karan.

At the same time, Nidhi is now making a big plan to take Karan away from Preeta.

In the upcoming story, we will also see Rajveer helping Karan, which will be quite shocking.

Now in the future story, Karan is going to get a big shock because of Rajveer.

While Rajveer will be talking to Srishti, Karan will hear everything they say.

After listening to the conversation between Rajveer and Srishti, Karan will come to know that Rajveer has a lot of bitterness in his heart towards him.

Rajveer will get drunk after which Karan will drop him home in his car.

Karan will tell many things to Rajveer about Preeta but due to Rajveer's drunken state, Karan will not remember anything.

After this, Karan will take Rajveer to Preeta, where Preeta will be shocked to see Rajveer in such a condition.

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