Kundali Bhagya 25 February 2024 Written Update Today.

In the upcoming episode of the TV show "Kundali Bhagya" on February 25th, we will see many new surprises.

Karan will tell everyone at Kavya's engagement that he's going to make Kavya's husband a 40% shareholder in his company.

Meanwhile, Nidhi is planning new ways to distance Karan from Preeta, and she'll even use Kareena Bua in her plan.

Now, Nidhi will try hard to confuse Preeta in her plan and put false accusations on her.

But Karan is going to support Preeta completely and save her from Nidhi's tricks.

Meanwhile, Kavya is going to bravely tell Shourya that she knows everything about his wrong actions, which will shock Shourya.

Kavya will try her best to protect Rajveer from Shourya's wrong intentions.

Along with this, Kavya will threaten Shourya that if he tries to separate Palak and Rajveer, she will expose his secret in front of everyone.

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